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The Choice to Cremate

Although the reasons to choose cremation as a final method of disposition vary, cremation rates are on the rise both locally, and nation wide. Often the decision for cremation is based on family traditions, personal beliefs, convenience, and cost. Cremation does not limit one’s choices for a funeral; in fact, it increases one’s options. Cremation can be just one part in a series of events that leads to memorialization.

With a cremation there are many different service options:

Traditional Funeral
Memorial Service
Celebration of Life
Direct Cremation with no services
Veteran Military Service



The next of kin has legal authority to decide what to do with the cremains. The funeral home has a display of urns for purchase. The urn can be kept by the family, or it can be interred in a grave in a cemetery or in a columbarium. Families may choose to divide the cremains among family members in “keepsake urns”.


Cremation without a viewing or memorial service can leave an emotional void for some family members. Any type of memorialization services is an important part of the grieving process. We encourage you to discuss all of your memorialization options with your funeral director.


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